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Episode 119

Published on:

13th Oct, 2021

Episode 117

Published on:

29th Sep, 2021

Episode 116

Published on:

22nd Sep, 2021

Episode 115

Published on:

15th Sep, 2021

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The Pod Charles Cinecast
The official podcast of The Prince Charles Cinema London!
The official podcast of The Prince Charles Cinema in London! Consider this an audio guide to the programme of your favourite independent cinema, as told by the people who help run the place.
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Jonathan Foster

An American Werewolf in London.

Born and raised in Southern Virginia, Jonathan now calls London home. As a member of the Marketing & PR Team at the Prince Charles Cinema for 6 years, Jonathan began Hosting, Producing, and Editing The Pod Charles Cinecast - a weekly podcast detailing the eclectic programme of London's best independent cinema and lives of the wonderful people who help run the place.

Aside from hosting podcasts, Jonathan is an aspiring voiceover artist and also the founder, lead vocalist, and guitarist of the South East London-based psychedelic garage rock band TALL.